Saturday, 29 April 2017


School vegetable gardens are a great way for children to learn about where their food comes from and to get them excited about eating fresh vegetables. 
It is also a chance to learn outdoors!

Urban Seedling  help our school plan, build, plant, and maintain a school vegetable garden. 
We involve students  in our planting workshops. 
 A vegetable garden is a great way to build ties between children, between parents and teachers, and within the community.

Benefits of School Vegetable Gardens

Teaching Tools:
  • Increase knowledge of nature and plant growth
  • Positive social interactions around the garden
  • Promotion of healthy development
  • Increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • New producer-consumer relationships
  • The role of agriculture in the children’s lives (food chain)
  • Cultural and personal integration
  • Reduction of behavioral problems
Possible activities:
  • Seedlings and germination of seeds
  • Transplanting, calendar and seasons
  • Planning the garden
  • Planting
  • Composting
  • The web of biodiversity
  • Magic potions and homemade gardening solutions
  • Herb box in the classroom
  • Identification and observation of leaves
  • Art work, mural, mosaic, poster, scarecrow, “land art”
  • Parts of the plant
  • Seedlings that look alike: plant families
  • Diversity of shapes and colours
  • Origin of seeds (heirloom variety histories – crops from first nations and other countries – maps and geography)
  • Traditional foods and dishes throughout the seasons

Let's start watching a cute little  story about Sid, a seed, who lives underground...written and illustrated by Daniel R. Pagan

Now it's time to learn a planting song 

 we can learn in English the part of a plant with this rap


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