Monday, 20 January 2014


Our school project is about sea, "Our language tastes like sea" and that's why we can:

*Sing a new song to recognize new sea animals

Deep in the ocean
Deep in the sea
Life is a miracle
For you and me!
Surface is calm
But there, in the depth
Watery secrets are kept.

Deep in the ocean
Fish swim in schools,
Life’s full of motion,
Life is so cool.
Deep in the ocean
Sea animals live
With them
I would like to swim.

Whales and dolphins,
Jellyfish, squids,
Seahorses hiding
In brown seaweeds.
An octopus stretching
Its tentacles fast,
And turtles,
And terrible sharks.

And there on the bottom
On yellowish rags
Lobsters are walking
Along with some crabs.
Starfish are beautiful,
Shrimps slowly glide,
And oysters keep treasures inside

*Read investigate on some marine animals and then read an interesting tale from Gambia.

*Make a jigsaw

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