Saturday, 6 August 2011

If you don't read, ...

Some years ago, Literacy Foundation's advertising campaign (Canada) took a nice phrase as a motto:"When a child does not read, the imagination disappears". This idea was developing on video simply but striking, that it is possible to watch later. In it, some protagonists of very known stories, as Cinderella, Peter Pan and Wendy, appear in a hospital. One notices them aged and tired, and because of it they look for the medical attention that they need. But especially in their faces the sadness is perceived, because they are sad, very sad. Maybe they suspect that their problems have to see with the mistake of imagination, and that they increase when the stories are not read not listened.

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  1. Everybody develop the imagination with the experiences and of course reading. If your imagination goes, boredom comes into your life and you die.Imagination to power!!!